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in nutrition, incident to ease, idleness, and luxurious habits, the digestive

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lustrations are excellent, and the book has been thoroughly

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demanding drainage anteriorly through a transperitoneal incision, or

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quiescence is not established, there is a tendency to contracture

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under their internal angles. The cheek bones also have a transverse suture in the

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tation of the fifth and sixth into the seventh it was possible

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has derived very gratifying results from the external treatment

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athy, and who has passed a clinical examination in the wards of the

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absence from town. When she was next examined it was found

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of the mastoid process. The fissure of Rolando is now represented by

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when he had had a better opportunity of understanding- them.

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medical men, and through them the world, in all that relates to sanitary

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has been labouring under delirium, with symptoms of cerebral excite-

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We cannot overrate the important bearing these researches have upon the

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