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positively, and were killed, and anatomical evidence of tuberculosis was

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in which the fibrillse shrink, become fatty, and finally disappear.

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sas. I do this, because anything connected with this distinguished

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favorable prognosis even when there is impaction, since repeated oper-

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out the disease the chief reliance is milk, which ordinarily should be

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ide of hydrogen, or by astringent injections, but may necessitate plugging.

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is almost always accompanied by double vision and giddiness. The con-

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has led to the discharge of cysts through the mouth or anus. Eupture

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Qttach Vegetable PiUs, — Professor Parrish, several years ago, had a

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to clear out thoroughly the alimentary canal and in which there is reason

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cent, of the preparation can be obtained from the urine unaltered. It

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ing, specific medication should be begun just so soon as the diagnosis is

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the bottom of the ulcer, as the pancreatic or the coronary artery, branches

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local causes of dropsy, in which the pericardial effusion is usually of late

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as that of angina pectoris. The seat and character of the pain, however,

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Pagliano has reported saturnine facial palsy. Upon pregnant women

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In some cases paroxysms occur only a few times a day, but more fre-

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presence of the muscle-trichina becomes evident by a white speck perhaps

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moderate heat, combined with intellectual and physical rest ; second, the

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1880) given in small doses every hour sometimes acts most happily.

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symptoms indicating any serious injury to the skull or brain. The

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violence, then, if nothing be found, upon the opposite side. As the

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other stimulants are to be freely given when there is much prostration.

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is often attributed to movements of the worm, which are frequently

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