Mobic Tumor

milkv fluid, in which the origin of the fat is the debris of degenerated

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DISEASES OF WOMEN. By J. Bland Sutton, F. R. C. S., Assistant Surgeon to

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tiary syphilis — alopecia, rupia, syph- in pylorus, uterus, mammary gland,

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surrounding cellular hyperplasia. This variety of chronic nephritis is

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exciting — renders the diagnosis easy. The prognosis is favorable, and,

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hot and dry, and may show petechiae. The tongue is coated with a

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even the whole body is involved in severe cases. The skin has a pecu-

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liver and kidneys. In the lower abdomen a dull area existed,

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block the stream of nervous impulses in such a way as to overload, as the

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digestion has its origin in the small intestine, and to its juices

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Prognosis. — When the condition is limited to small areas it is

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nerve-disease. These may be differentiated by means of the tuning-

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gray or grayish-red in color, and on section may be level with, raised

mobic tumor

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