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favorably with climatic and institutional treatment. Congested

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things that have shot in and around him as he has pursued his

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show no nuclei. Locheiocytes are larger than pus cells in the proportion of

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anchylosis, are the most common results of the disease.

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impediment at the outlet of the intestine may lead the unwary

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Next follows a most excellent and exhaustive article on "Diagnosis," by

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This is the pharyngo-maxillary space or cavity described by Linha/t in 1849,

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A careful study of a patient's life history, personality, the

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shock of the operation. There is no occasion to insert a drainage-tube,

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motion of the ship satisfies their instinct of constantly doing something.

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paralyzed limb, until the patient discovers that it is easier to accede than

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with the effort to gain a more general recognition of diseases of

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The combination of paraldehyde with caffeine gave excellent results as a

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perience we have been able to take care of all clots, no matter how big

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I am not aware that the operation of excision of the malleus and the

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cause it contains 90% of alcohol, or which banishes extract of

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morphine, cocaine and heroin, considerable confusion, particularly

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acter. Ruge and Veit call attention to the frequency with which the broad

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York. The circular incision was begun close up to the neck of the

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Since that time 64 male children sufl'ering from stone have come under his

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the kind that Allingham says compose fifty per cent, of all non-

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of exudation from the drum-cavity. There was observed at that time a bluish

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syphilitic nature. It is a form, also, very frequently marked by affec-

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dyspnea is set up, and vomiting occurs. At first the food in the

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own satisfaction at least, that irritations around an old irritable ulcer of

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T. M. Dolan contributes the article upon " Pertussis." He does not

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of albumin, few bladder and vagina epithelia and leucocytes, and

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Mr. Bowlby has followed up his cases carefully and is impressed with

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period. The carotid wave is about 1-10 second in advance of the

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wellnigh successful attempt of those colonists to set up a

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spinal fluid examination for the organism causing a meningitis;

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