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therapeutics. The champion humorist of the club, Dr.

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2. The last child or children of large families, probably due

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slighting a paragraph — a fixed attention seems to be demanded at the

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Case I. — On the morning of July 15 I was called to see a

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of whom about 150 have been in attendance during the past

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* Recent experiments in human patients show that many forms of

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daily subjected to dangers that the savage knows not

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The education of the general practitioner in this country is

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whooping cough and mumps; also had articular rheumatism at 20 years of

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the margin of the ribs, and after some time again to retire, so as


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A rare phenomenon is the vesication of the wheal and the formation

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Frequent mistakes are undoubtedly made in diagnosis,

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anomaly. There was no adhesion of the two layers of

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eases, I trust that the evidence which is herewith sub-

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back as before. He had experienced no difficulty from want of breath

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dervon Wladimirotf und Mikulicz angegebenen I us.nresek-

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inflammation, which is manifested by the exfoliation of granular epithe-

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been examined was the diverticulum of Vater of such size that a small

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two grains of chloride of ammonium, gave it every two hours, with warm

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safety and environmental conservation. The Specialty Ve-

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mycelium is very scanty in the central part of the section. It is almost

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for the intestines to fall towards the thorax and to

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death from yellow fever are, as might be predicted from the symptoms, to

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relapses are not rare. I may here mention that Dr. de

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by a thin membrane, which might be looked upon as a mem-

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Causes. — Filthiness and lousiness, over-feeding, excessively

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nature of it, or otherwise discouraged the development; or

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the screen, though there is undoubtedly much less risk.

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feeling a heavy numb aching, sometimes tingling, and such stiff-

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Prognosis. — This must be discussed with the treatment of syphilis, if we

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