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Dr. Borland : I would like to have the doctor add to what

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an iodine solution. They also succeeded in obtaining pure cultures

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used in treatment — two to the arms or hands, two to the legs or

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The reports of the water boards, commissioners, and companies in Massa-

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tftillness of blood, determination of blood to the head, violent throbbing

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W 146 persons who were bitten by rabid animals in Wiirtemberg, only

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known each special pathological process, the ]>ower

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instruments, supervises the preparation of the operating-room, and the

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and cerebral in origin. Green biliary vomitus is, of course, by no

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but to no avail. The baby was brought to the hospital the second day in

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order, furthermore, is not so sharply denried as always

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shown improvement of symptoms, although the bleeding has

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manifestations of syphilis. Its development is slow

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apparatus, it must have progressed greatly before our senses will appre-

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solves itself into gray hepatization still later. Pyrexia

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Metrorrhagia Occurring about the Menopause . • . . Beattie

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beef without displacing the stuffing, and tie it tightly with cord ;

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need to be observed so as to avoid ill effects and dangers

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miles from town causing great havoc of life and limb, and this messenger

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army with retired pay or gratuity, according to the scale laid

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of the lung is so common an attendant on derangement of the cir-

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mean rate of the ten years, 1889-98. More boys than girls

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do not give us any, not even the slightest, information upon

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exercise in apparatus, continued with forcible exercises,

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complained of violent occipital headache, pain in the neck and

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assimilate, if not actually despising the accumulated experience of the past;

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lot of Sir James Y. Simpson, of Edinburgh, who, in November, 1847,

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preceded by a cardiac aura, in which palpitation, frequent action of the heart, I !

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