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perfezionato. Bull. d. sc. med. di Bologna, 1894, 7. s.,v, 551;

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length by our author, and we cordially give our concurrence from

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for their regulation and control, assured that no form of even a

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at what age the deterioration appeared, and mkstal casks

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power: Animals vaccinated in the ordinary way were inoculated with virus.

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auscultating over the cavity ; the ringing sound is got where

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ritation of the cord, we have simulations of every known

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In looking over the literature for cases in which fat

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the patient to strychnin i>oisoning. All but two of the cases

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me — and it violated almost every theory that I had been fol-

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physician investigated only the causes of this sickness? He investi-

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Hard Chancre of the Lip and Soft Chancre of the Gen-

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Inspiration was harsh and expiration somewhat prolonged, but not

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to remove. Hence, setons, and issues are generally to be

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at a Nursing Home. She was a Il-para and was at full time. The

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the vessel ; in other cases, fusiform or spindle-shaped,

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and the latter three to six grains, four to six times a day.

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But he, suspecting their plots, and well knowing that he stood in the same rela-

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from the continual loss of blood, and that, too, five hours after the

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* cuca, H. 10 -ban, B. 11 >olce, H. 12 gnim, H. 12 pwpmo, V.;

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Scrofula , would, under exposure to the exciting cause of Goitre,

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lations, the patient being in the elevated pelvic posture

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lanta, (in, ; "The Treatment of MiUif^nant Diseases of the Kectiini,"

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to be opened on an equal footing to all legally qualified practitioners

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of dii)ping into a hole or i)ouch is received by the examining finger,

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his friends took him out. He was much worse ; he had considerable

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at the age of thirty-two he was chosen the attending

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Besides the nucleus, there is a cytoplastic body, called by Schaudinn the

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Laborde's Method of Resuscitation in Apparent Death from An-

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these fibres Avas not traced. Xo degenerated fibres could be

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where ulceration and nodular disfigurement were conspicuous features.

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