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ject of gangrene of the lung — " That in the progress of a case we

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greater when near objects are to be seen, such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis, chalaz-

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edly much of the benefit which is received by those who drink mineral waters

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within forty-six days after feeding commenced. At the Arkansas

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that has lowered the character of the profession and caused

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ployed of all our applications. Cold and warm water; dry powders;

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Hydragogue cathartics act more efficiently than diuretics ; but clinical

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with one hand, but they have also both of them one radical

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with general asthenia, etc. In certain deaths from ab-

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cured. Thiongh the interposition of friends, a physician was at length

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find it succeeding a layer of uric acid or any' urate, unless some inflammation

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breathing, as well as the fullest rest of the body.

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Nucleo-albumin, which is at times found in the urine, is also pre-

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no anaesthesia. After killing the hen. Dr. Dunham, of

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of the murderer, Delfino, at Sing Sing prison on De-

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a gentleman " was using the County Hotel instrument to speak to New-

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the bladder, it is fraught with greater danger to life.

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in the Calendar, it is only due to the careful compilers to state

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affections (meningitis, hemorrhage, or in tumors of the brain) ; uremia ;

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are re-examining these various opinions and correcting the errors in most

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After some hours, or a day or two, the paroxysm subsides, and they

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cricotracheotoraie; anciennes fractures des septiemes car-

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year, for which the doctor pa)s the munificent sum of

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this difficult and rare operation has within a short time been performed

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to two years will not appreciably increase the risk

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a large measure, to the fact that wholemeal bread contains comparatively

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gic paroxysms and certain forms of transient mental derangement.

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minutes. During this time, those who have been most

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