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by effluvia, and, likewise, by bringing the fluid or dried virus,

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in four ; and of the swan in six weeks. Heat, menstruation, and

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in proportion as the shadows are magnified so they appear less dense

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weight in every case than the corn-fed lot; and, as this is generally considered as

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emphysema the air extravasated is speedily absorbed, and recovery soon

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warfare with disease and pain these women showed a resolution

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aspect, even when hemorrhage has not occurred. In the cases in which the

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should be to cure the primary disease which has impoverished the blood.

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space. The enlarged uterus was pushed over far into

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water-gilders ; the manufacturers of looking-glasses, barometers, and

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great abnormal reaidu&l quantity of vitaUty in certain organs— say womb

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there is no oedema or uremia. No increase in blood-pressure that can

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lif - Case III. — J. L. F., a physician (specialist), consulted

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reason, of nature, and of common sense. Were it otherwise, it is not

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to make the following remarks, in which we fully concur : —

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tion, I have found that the patient could not voluntarily communicate

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The veterinarian has tested with tuberculin all cows of the original herd,

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sels present common inflammatory phenomena, such as

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withdrawn by a moderate degree of force. Esophagotomy and

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is still unknown. In such doubtful cases observations regarding

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necessarily accompanied by both or either derangement of

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I.. Roy, I ring D . PL asanl Valley, Dutches! I o. Founder.

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these cases in which surgery has failed to relieve the condition.

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the pus-cells, and a larger number of epithelial-cells

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researches have shown that there is considerable variety in the gross and

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