Planting Amaryllis Outside In Florida

eral practice modern scientific methods, as they were

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swollen and tender and passive motion had to be discontinued. The joint soon became as

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de Schwartz] : mem. Hoc. de chir. de Par., 1889, n. s.,

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planting amaryllis outside in florida

put is present. He noticed that upon increasing the fat of the diet

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well by diet alone. If the infant is breast fed the problem

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some did not lose a single patient in thirty-six operations, while others

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of the vagina, which prevented intercourse with adult males. She was found

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root is undoubtedly one of the most fatal indigenous poisons,' and

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enormous number of cases studied of late years, there

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move at least every other day, but, if diarrhoea should

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tirely into his hands. The almost universal cause of erysipelas is bad blood, arising,

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1| inches it was found that the dura was firmly adherent to the

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Kec, N. Y., 1897, Iii, 617.— IViiel (J. -P.) De I'asepsie

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after which worm-like clots are passed. On standing, a

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Medical Director of the ' National Bureau of Medical,

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attached to either the auditory or trigeminal nerves, usually the former.

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circumstantiality of their lies are astonishing. The copiousness and unim-

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quiet, silence, and absence of light are more important adjuvants than

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tympani. — Prag. Vierte Jahrschrift, January, 1866.

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borrowed from Gerish's Anatomy. Whitman also uses cuts from the same book to

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titration of the M-rime W9 made by using decreasing amounts from 0.2 c C,

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nephrine. The blood pressure was not lowered by the bleeding and

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incomplete, the atrophy corresponds closely with the degree of pa-

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of this Society. Formerly one of its Councillors, for the

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image in ocular puralvsis. Oplith. Rev., Lond., 1887, vi,

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is rather sudden, and, like other acute inflammatory diseases, begins

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