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oi)inion that no weight could be attached to a comparison of

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tent, is in the Ithaca valley. This valley, in which the vil-

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the normal feces of an adult, but they may occur in the stools of infants improperly

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the areas of focal degeneration by means of differential stains, and (c) to

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Tropical Diseases Bulletin, The Medical Journal of South Africa, Tlie Medical Review, Reveille,

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site on one of the principal streets of Peking, and several buildings

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■ This little work is published by the author for the purpose of

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That purpose was to achieve universal coverage. The

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curately closing the peritoneum over the surface of the stump. Details

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rately firm. — 25th. Sweet; but slight odour when

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be mentioned paralysis of the urethra from overdilatation or from traumatism,

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subject. As a result of these representations, Vin Mariani has been spe-

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free diuresis afford relief ; but sometimes the disturbance lasts

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calcium and for local use in preventing the absorption of venom it

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Clements. Bknnf.tT A., Major and Surgeon. — Relieved from

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The two lectures of which this little work consists are intended

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dison, Bright, Brodie, W. B. Carpenter, Copland (of

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Investigations have shown that in unquestioned and genuine

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with it. As with acqitired syphilis, so with the here-

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of tumefied ganglions, he examined the throat, and found the pharynx

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Cardiovascular Conference - 12:00 PM; Education Wellness Center, Avera St Lukes Hospital; Speaker: to be

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accepted the slight chance an operation offered. The

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associated movement. Vestibular nystagmus is always most

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toward the uterus so as easily to admit my index-'" nger.

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contractile tendency of the deposit, its convertibility into

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