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in severe cases during the stage of reaction, the cause of death in these

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II P.M., attempted to transfuse entire blood from a

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and it is only by the subsequent history of the case, by the supervention

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per cent., a flash of flame is seen to descend into the tube at

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it is in itself a study for the surgeon to keep abreast with them

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for Rathmines and Rathgar Urban District ; Mr. Manly, Executive

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minutest examination has discovered no lesion after death. Possibly it

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ry Address, delivered before the Graduating Class of the Pennsylva-

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border. An anterior lobulation covering the superior half of the kid-

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ambulance waggons day after day on the march, and they

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in extent, which opened into the abdominal cavity ; from this

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senses ; for they can be trained and improved wonderfully. If

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Canada. Province of Ontario. In the matter of an inquiry

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been subjected whilst defending his Professional reputation

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post in front of this plate. The shoulders rest upon the shoulder sup-

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of the different kinds of these morbid products existing in the blood, tM

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coughing. It gave but little pain or other trouble, and always

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an who entertains such thoughts, who has such inten-

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form of the disease, or, having continued for a variable period, the disease

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All the Anaemias — Chlorosis, Lymphatic Anaemia, Dyspeptic Anaemia,

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typhosus — a conclusion that is not borne out by our jsresent knowledge.

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is but slight is commonly overlooked unless the physical exami-

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Inhalation of Btlierasan Anassthetic, with a few Observations upon

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