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rise to certain physiologic effects that may result either
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Siir};.-Geu. Navy, AVasli., 1894, 11(1-119. ' . The iiiHu-
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asked what should be done with a compound comminuted
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ting the dose according to the age, and continuing it every two
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markable case the patient had inserted the stone into
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therapy that could be given under supervised conditions.
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instantly to bed and cover him with as many blankets as can be obtained ;
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true or complied with, whether material or not, or otherwise
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side of the case to receive more attention. That it may
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be required by law to adopt the course of study prescribed by the state su-
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in a person with a history of syphilis or presentinii: well-characterized
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steps of real importance, according to them, are the exami-
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Ataxia means absence or disturbance of the coordination necessary
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of temperature are alone affected. As the dorsal cutaneous branch
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quarter to a third of the disabled elderly receive formal, paid
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The present volume embraces diseases of ihe thorax and its
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Sylvius ; but even these onslaughts could not conceal the
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It arises from the great diversity of the study — including all the
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insanity are so vague, not to say trivial. The gravity of the symptoms ai
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to tie a large artery, when the ends are thus cut ( have very generally acknowledged the irri-
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Dr. Robertson — Would the plug spoken of cause the throat
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touches, I assure you, a tender cord. I am always willing to
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organism producing the infection. If repeated agglutination tests made
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endowments, which have placed it on a permanent basis. We may,
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how to get at this, however, is a difficult proposition. You all know how it

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