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are excessive. And why should a stock broker be paid any
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prominent events were reccorded. Such writings were wanting in that personal tad
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on June 3, 1909, the left half of the thyroid being entirely
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have been left unchanged for some time. These changes, due
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ophth. Gesellsch., Rostock, 1889, xx, 100-lOC.— Michel
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culin O. The remainder, containing the debris of the tubercle bacilli,
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for and causes coagulation of nerve tissue. Ether is more readily
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organism, Bordetella pertussis, rather than preventing the
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constant expuition, is a distinctive feature. An examination of the throat
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3 [Norris isolated from the sputum of a case of chronic bronchitis a bacillus which
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is no doubt that a copious diet rich in nitrogen is
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grip, etc., should lead a particularly careful life and avoid
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which we can trace it is undoubtedly the occult science of
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observation two sisters. The mother died of organic
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vided the surgeon had properly applied the plaster-of
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writer's opinions on the nature of Yellow fever. He advocates
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that in gout more uric acid is permanently produced than normally
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others the skin was observed to have been of a very dai-k
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ileo-caecal valve, while in others they extended as high as the jejunum, and even
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larity of these cases to what has been described as trophedema
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calling on them to explain what the deleterious effects
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Bj this it would seem that the average life of the professors
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extravasation of corpuscles. This extra* asation which, at other
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Our present knowledge, for the most part, of the special or specific
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the instrument, for fear of setting up cystitis, or of aggravating
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head has been crushed, the thorax fails to enter the brim, and it becomes

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