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ment to the nose in connection with the constitutional treatment. Were
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to suppose that such phenomena are essential to the defervescence, as was
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me that there has been a sudden increase in the amount of pus dis-
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stantaneously if inhaled in large quantities. In smaller amounts the
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by Helmont. In consequence of this theory of origin, all
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fell in convulsions under a large horse. The animal stepped on his face,
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to be dyed. Copperas too has been manufactured from this coal,
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was simultaneous and universal in these cases. It was also noted that
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internal urethrotomy l) the latter was a much
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ruptured ; convulsions constantly recurring and lasting generally as long as the inter-
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analysis of the contents of the stomach was quite unnecessary in this
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ing the face generally, occasionally applying small blisters to the chest
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The inunction of fatty substances, as originally proposed by Schone-
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an account of all the cases k.iown to him, including those in
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etc., is equally inefficient. The frequency witli which
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which are generally thicker and darker than those of eczema; but
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the crescent-forming small parasites, it is impossible,
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aged nineteen, suffering for two years from exophthalmic goitre ;
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over from a jerked-meat establishment into one for the manufacture
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of the year, but there is a succession of manifestations alternately with
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with so vital an effect on the animal structure. Once convinced
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and the whole enveloped in the gauze dressing and bandage. The
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microbes, both by their situation and by sphincters.
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TJeber den Einfluss des Pilocarpin, Nuclein und Antipy-
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Never aspirate in empyema, but make a free incision, with good
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tal, thev reeou:nized the necessity for the interne; and,
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perhaps does not correctly diagnose, at a sufficiently early period

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