Vertigo Meclizine Does Not Help

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contains air or not^ Vocal fremitus is diminished or absent On

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gations made on some of the different tribes and races of India.

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examined the patient was icteric. The urine contained bile pigment

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in every registration district during the year. In Scot-

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Dr. Todd : This is a very voluminous paper, and I believe it

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Since the above was written I have had the advantage of re-

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in the child, and subsequently relieve it entirely by a second, or, if necessary,

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mucous membrane, and, in some cases, minute quantities are

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the average, for Dr. Cowan in another place shows, tliat while in

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White hyperleukocytosis and the septic factor may thus be viewed as

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to an unusually severe toxemia. Here the greatest danger is of

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reports of societies and personal items ┬╗iust be received by the roth of the month preceding.

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generally excessive, and closely corresponds, in amount and

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are antipyrin and nitfo -glycerine. The latter is less transient in its

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polarized light. An identical method of examination

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testines by recent peritoneal inflammation. The tumor con-

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should receive not only the thanks, but the earnest support

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by the psychologist to determine the earliest effects on attention and

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and, as a rule, sensation is normal, except in some branches of the

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indented line at the lacerated points. The edge of vaginal covering thus

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fine silk suture. After wound healing the muscles on the

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shoulders and spread peripherally. It may be partial

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and alter the consistency of the surrounding hypersemic and oedema-

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6carlet-fever. He haS frequently been under medical treat-

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