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right lung was entirely enveloped in, and compressed

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Department of the Columbian University, Washington, D. C. [Re-

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is umbilicated, multilocular, and has a distinctly inflamed areola of deep nd

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water were applied to him, and a fire made in his cham-

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committees; appointing reinsurance brokers and negotiating reinsurance terms and condi-

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regarded as typical, and that the secretory tubules of the ceruminous glands

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tomy. J. Max'o found it necessary in 51 out of 20.3

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Should breathing be established by the protrusion of the child's head from

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pulse small and frequent, the breathing stertorous. De-

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If for any cause, the spray had to be discontinued for some

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of age. This old gentleman, I apprehend-, would have been a likely subject

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hospitalization. Thus far, it has been possible to accomplish this

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tion which produces ptomaines, whose absorption is the im-

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barracks, the march, the battle-field, as near to us as if we had

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to the dura mater and beneath the periosteum of the vertebrse. The

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and septicaemia. These indications need not be here considered.

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internal medicine, Jackson Clinic, spoke on Evalua-

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A ^'Uture of the Membrane of the Stomach - - - - - 311

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In the author s case, a piece of bone had been lodged in the

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latter granddaughter cysts, and these a third generation, often in

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In the absence of the President, Dr. Lyons, the meeting

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Dancing is also recommended to produce sweating. Animals

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with any other — that organic life is as distinct from all other

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about a dozen authentic cases have been recorded for man. Most of the

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209.— Wilson (I. P.) Pathological conditions of the eth-

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same predicament as some of our own brethren, adopt-

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with the uterus, and in quite a large number of cases, while no definite state-

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to its normal from a retroflexed position at aU; and this impossibility

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From what has been said it will be seen that in the study of speech

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first great recorded epidemic of Europe occurred among

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