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their speeches, it must be borne in mind that naturally the
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Medical Association, a body which embraced almost all the
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Chairman will be glad to see members to luncheon at his residence, St
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as 68 to 38 ; and a Medical Committee, which also investi-
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venture to transcribe the name of the plant called batutu by
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Duncan's access to "voluminous proceedings;" but it is
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being nearly 5 to 1. Amongst children under 10 years of age
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In some instances, however, there appears to be an inclina-
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layer with its blood vessels, and internal to this are bands of
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May 6th. The annual rate of mortality in these towns, which had been
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scopically by a large atrophic area with pigment, espe-
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out their isolation hospital system. I have always watched
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Abbott —On May 16th, at Emscote, Bedford Hill, Balham, S.W., the wife
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De. McLean.— Tile fact that the temperature is frequently'subnormal in
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with morphine. Like most Continental physicians he is more
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the gas pipes and fittings have been tested, and to a large
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Between February 12th and February 21st, 41 cases of diph-
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pages, with two additional pages on the reverse side. I'age 12
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out their isolation hospital system. I have always watched
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tract, and consists in loss of the pupillary light reflex when light is
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each instance, is suajcieut to prevQut bacterial life and their putrefac-
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hydrocephalus becomes well marked before the age of twelve
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any notice. In this instance, however, although the evidence
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the London Fever Hospital on the same date was 2.024, against 1,965. 1.P7U
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at all events, till promotion comes to men who are younger
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of aluminium salts were made under the direction of Pro-
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the Central Prison at Agra, privilege leave for three months from April
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rules and regulations as such training school may prescribe."
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Hospital) in its relation to the medical staff and the non-attached mem-
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the year. We further desired that the data should be distii-
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in four distinct portions of its course. The stimulation was
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services of medical oflicers are, indeed, secured far beyond
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the recklessness with which the "leaders of the profession"
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Tiie undermentioned gentlemen have leave of absence as specified :
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record the immediate ett'eots of sudden momentary severe
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already visited prior to March 1st by the visitors and inspector
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found in the lower jaw (where, as well as in the parotid
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