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the people living in inconceivable filth. Cholera appears to be unusually

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fold : [a) that they be observed, and, in order that this may be

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reported the next summer, and showed a perfect sym-

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fessor Fuchs, one of the ophthalmological professors, who is absent on

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In treatment it was less a question of the kind of food

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The organs of the first series are, the larynx, th*e proper organ

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edition speaks well for the success of the purpose of the

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San Francisco since March 6, 1900, the total cases to date

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terms, as understood in this State when the act in question was passed.

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or contraction of the pupils, paralysis of any part of

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formed the link of connexion between the unsoundness of

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obtained. The disintegration of such exudative collections could account

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This sign is produced by placing one hand in front of the

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within the shoe. Dust with calomel. Dress with tar or

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farther down, the object will form a tumor on left side of neck,

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of caries of the teeth, an examination of the teeth and of the

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Bulletin Number Four of the Carnegie Foundation for the

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buried sex insults or disagreeable sex incidents of early

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mercury manometer, it would be desirable to add to the instrument a scale gradu-

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for the culture of the first necessaries of subsistence ; but

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clear fluid. In a week these dried up and disappeared with

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During the last week of April the health of London was exceptionally

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and exhausted by the journey, they are in no condi-

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again rises, though not to so high a point as in the

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a severe accident on .Mont lilanc, but was fortunate

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end is accomplished somewhat clumsily by such remedies as the nitric acid,

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valid for four years, had not been out of the house for

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sessions of the association will lie held, and but three blocks from the

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being unable, after most persistent efforts, to expand the

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mydriatics. J. Am. M. Ass., Chicago, 1898. xxx, 71-73. —

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of the condition are usually under forty, and it is often impossible to

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(October, 1868) he was quite well, no signs of any cancerous

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tracted gonorrhoea four years previously. A feeling of dull

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passing through, he found that he was likely to be caught by the

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