should be done at the collecting and first aid stations. The

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interneship of six months in St. Francis' Hospital, Jersey City, and


The projectile is either whole or in fragments, in its

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Too often, however, we see peritonitis, urinary infiltration,


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[ mostly among the needy, especially those of her own sex,

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pleasant places. Whether I have properly fulfilled my duties I must leave to

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says, "more than the sound of a trumpet." Other papers are on

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fully examine the clothing, and look for any loss of substance

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character, the only kinds which this treatment professes to cure.

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visu verification of the fissures on the outer table. When

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up a physician's life, mental and material. Restful reading it is

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of medicine ; which undesirable guests, as a matter of course,

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Southern Hotel, and could not be reached on sudden occasions.

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Dr. Koplik is engaged in practice as a specialist in diseases of

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only on the blind, groping self-delusion, or temporary excitement, which

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week after, I found the pessary of insufficient size, as it did not

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uterus. It had decreased in size to a marked extent, and was

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ology and Bicleriology. In December, i88g,he was elec-

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Indians a large tract of land in Southold, L. I. They

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has been editor of the " Annals of Surgery," since 1885. He is a

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traumatism ; they are all too well known for them to

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from single remedies, by whatever school administered.

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"PDWARD FRANKEL.— Dr. Edward Frankel is a son of the late

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If there be constipation, it is desirable to remedy it rather by suitable diet

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atrophy covered by his (Dr. Matheson's) classification of suit-

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is much better spent in intelligent effort to improve it, than in

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the one which, without question, is the identical remedy best

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career was the subject of much discussion at tnat time, but it was

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from a bullet that has been deflected by touching the

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We hope to give in a future issue some further notice, from

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tangential perforations, double perforations, in which

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Dr. Carpenter's entrance paper at the Academy of Medi-

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later at the Harvard Medical School, from which he was graduated

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New York, where he graduated with the degree of M.D., in 1878.

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inquiry, I found that the stools had been in every way normal

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