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pecially unique effect is the disorder of personality, so

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Dugas. and sent to me hj Dr. F. G. Smith, Secretary

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an ataxic gait, reeling on closing the eyes, etc., and after a time extend

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as I have had from static electrization. I tell my patient at the

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There is always active iiitlamiiiatioii round about the pock, aud

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while in the others there was obstinate constipation, and retention of

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ive changes, of which general paralysis and tabes dorsalis are by far

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The most recent work on the absorption of the constituents of

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can scarcely be considered a case of laryngeal growth. Mac-

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membrane. If after the continuous action of heat or

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kingdom and entailed upon himself the contempt of all the other

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preserved, but the patient cannot work, can hardly walk

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proper to inflammation; in neither case do they contain air.

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A few ounces of crushed raisins may be added if desired.

sulfasalazine (azulfidine) ati

during the late epidemic in Grermany. I separate this affection from

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patient's house a linen duster or surgeon's apron that has been dipped in a

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is given to every case, whether slight or severe, and the

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increasing the salt intake prior to initiation ot treatment with enalapril. If it is necessary to continue the diuretic, provide

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The above phenomena are apt to be complicated with other local

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average ransre of health denotes a serious chanjje for the Avorse. As a rule,

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ology and treatment of salpingitis: with leporlof a case

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