Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Sulfasalazine

rapidly, until at last it reached the size of j may be present in cases of undoubted
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were partially successful — it being more easy to pre-
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nitric acid (and no more) be mixed with the urine, as combines
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Naval Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Medi-
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Practice of Medicine, .....'• Prof. J. K. MrrcHEtt, M. D.
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use, with all patience and diligence, the most scientific and
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rather an organized system of collecting subscriptions from
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Niger, and the Zambesi, and recently a few cases have occurred also in
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case, and in comparing it with Rajer's plates, I fixed upon the same figure,
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under almost every one of these conditions in which such diagnosis
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tation of an extremity. But in the great majority of cases paroxysms
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making and adjusting the apparatus will be chiefly exercised in making it
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follow the internal capsule. There has been a marked
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which gradually increases in size and becomes raised in
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sure and FEV,, with hypoxemia substantially worsening
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capacity of the tissues, then the haemoglobin, little
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There is an excellent chapter on " Intra-tracheal insufflation of
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dated December 28, 1912. — This fluid is faintly alkaline to litmus, has
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tameba contains 4 ring-form nuclei and, usually, one or
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good are iodine and galvanism. The compound solution is an eligible
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33 hoped that the information" here required may be readily obtained.
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motion and keep the parts in a state of stiffness like that of cramj) — though
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was removed by puncturing the joints and in both the result was
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Trypanosoma gambiense in Glossina palpalis," 'Proc.
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the rest by syphilis, traumatism, salpingitis, etc. The results
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of twenty-five dollars annually may associate himself with
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were hardly considered of any importance in the or-

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