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year has been subject to recurring attacks of swelling
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ried from 13.6 to 47 nig. in the cases examined, this being en-
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not live through the summer wiSiout surgical interference,
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importance, relates to duration. Some diseases continue for a definite
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and of the Department of Agriculture and Technical In-
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June 7, 1898. — Arerill (P. 'E.) Formaldehyde-lamp.
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made over the great trochanter. The articulation having been
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something of the natures and abundant vitality of healthy
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belonged to all religions. Being the children of supersti-
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Eclamptic seizures also occur where there is meningitis or
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lioresal effect on speech
produced by the doctor's visit. Although occasionally the effect
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the sequestrum, in the healing of vomica, after miliary glanders,
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In view of the general alarm that has been occasioned by
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extreme abdominal tenderness and distension, vomiting of green-
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to the placenta, and to leave it to take its course.
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cases than as a causal factor of the disease, remember-
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Board of Health and to consider and work out a feasible plan of con-
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1 Baumgarten's Jahresbericht, 1892, vol. viii, p. 664.
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10 mils, to be mixed and given two hours apart for two doses, repeat-
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and furnish a quantity of gelatine, after which there remains only
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lungs ; the easy going, loafing patient does not half
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ordered to have ice, and very little food by the mouth, and
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