Baclofen Trigeminal Neuralgia

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the cancer cells through the agency of some specific
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epithelial cells. The glomeruli were very cellular, but
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had ranged from 82 to 88 and temperature from 99° to
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be called latent carriers, who conceal the bacillus
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often in the tertiary stage. 4. Syphilis of the stom-
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president, Dr. George D. Henderson ; secretary and treas-
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J\Iarfan does not wish to see general depletion used
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gravitate toward the pelvis when the patient is ele-
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almost endless amount of literature, but the favor-
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sylvania per 1,000 of population was 16.5 ; in 1908,
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Selee. — In Melrose. Massachusetts, on Sunday, Septem-
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3. The Use of the Spectral Light in the Examination of
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let in the frontal lobe for six years when fatal in-
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which is likely to give rise to cicatricial deformity
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Given these two factors, it is natural that bleeding
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serious condition of shock, with marked abdominal rigidity. In going
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indurations that interrupt temporarily, in advanced
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])art of children. We should not blame the teachers
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majority of cases the direct result of simple avul-
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If the doctor fails, what is left? I am passed the ability
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Manila. The total number of cases of cholera occurring
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bestowed thereon, hath been rather in circle, than in pro-

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