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due recognition of the psychical influences liable to affect secretion and
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Vaterlandische Cultur" (^Medicinisch-Chirurgische Rundschau, page 876, 1879),
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physician in this city, calling attention to a very im-
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graduate of Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn,
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to enter such port, to land its passengers or discharge its
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this series, 32 were males and 8 females, but, taking the number of
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prominent point of the cartilages of the ribs," " from
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physician called as a witness in the murder case of the State
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V pamyat Piro<rova, Kiev. 1S96, Vi, no. 9, ]2-]li, [Discus-
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was found enlarged and tense. An incision of an inch in length was made
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some time. If long continued, emaciation, pallor, and other signs of
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*Pereoiial Commnoication by Dr. James Dorland, Milwaukee, Wis.
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^ve him morphia, and there was no doubt pain was relieved by the
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ing with a saturated solution of boracic acid often
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before you, of course, — the intestines coiled about;
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it was found to have been forcibly torn out of the abdomen ; but tit may be
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which is the type of this form of physiological effect.
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graph wire and ultimately reaching its destination without branching.
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a nerve of considerable size. Diseases which give rise to local para-
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before the full two and a half hours. To get a true picture of
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strangulated hernia as a step in the operation. This was
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instant he jumped up from his chair, and flew to the end
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was learned in Europe from such authorities as had been
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that the phantom registration can achieve as low as 2 mm and 3 mm display error of the
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separated from one another with great ease, and apparently, although not
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cases other serous membranes show a great tendency to

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