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writer's opinion such temporary leakages are far from uncommon,

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of gastrointestinal accidents and is a very important cause

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alarm the mate, who was called to a fearful spectacle : seventy-two were

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followed by more or less contraction of the orifice of

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Chest. — Heart healthy. Valves normal. No adhesion of the pleurae. The

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demics of 1S.53, 'Hi, and '.j.5 have taken place in Peru; and it

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This course will consist of from two to three lectures daily on special subjects, in

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agreement with Health Care Directions (HCD). Dr. Roger

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local disease. At the present time almost exclusive attention is paid to

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acquires echinoeoccus by ingesting the oncospheres in caressing or otherwise

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are generally composed mainly of three fatty compounds — palmitin,

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more suitable for the scope of his talents than Edinburgh, where

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8. In many cases where the indication for direct depletion is not urgent, but where

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For most doctors, joining the more abusive plans is sort of

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the valvi'S and tendinous cords. Much of this exudation must be washed

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broken glass. First wound on right eyelid three-fourths

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j«si8 spread orar nearly the ithoLe of Asia, incsluding the Burmese emfare,

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The acuity of vision and eye-tension is not referred

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justly be attributed to tonics in general. It is supposed

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this system for destroying germs, for trying to treat these

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mont affirms a judgment holding the telephone company liable

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millimetres (in a student aged twenty-three years, whose in- •

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the most appropriate, for in the large majority there is present

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prevent discharge of wind or motion. If the anus is bathed night and

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heing the Report of the Edhiburgh Committee of the Brit-

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the front of the abdomen external to the outer border of the rectus

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At the beginning as at the end of sexual life marked changes take

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of nature's means will restore the apparently departed life. The

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