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tain chemicals, acids, and alkalies ; the quantity of the ferment either
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is moist; but after they have fallen it is left in a thin, soft, shining,
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at the junction of the occiput and atlas, and down the neck and be-
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lymphatic and doubtless produce injury of such character that
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^ Brit. Med. Journ., London, 1900, vol. i. p. 1466.
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sented undoubted evidences of improvement. Her skin
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as, instead of continually applying and pressing remedies to
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operation for removal of malignant growths of one tonsil has had marked
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acid. It has to be given in larger doses, the therapeutic influ-
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studies will provide insights into the normal metabolism of copper and the
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Manson (1882). Medical Times and Gazette (1881), ii. 8 ; (1882), ii. 42.
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from November 14, 1903, under paragraph 210 of the regulations.
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definitely stated the possible function of the vestibule in the perception
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admission to this school, the same to include Chemistry (General, Qualitative Analysis, and Organic) ; Biology ml
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ous extract of suprarenal capsule in ophthalmic prac-
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strangulation — kill rapidly, consequently, wdien both of these modes
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From your initial meeting with our medical division specialists,
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" That each confederate!! college shall publish, in its annual circular and catalogue, the names of
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and such a change in this membrane that it is impossi-
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fying pus, and the uniformity of the symptoms after
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very small secondary abscesses, situated at the sur-
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it is digested with alkaline carbonats, the alkali combines
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of Vienna, impressed his pupils with the necessity of attending
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tion of pus, in or upon the brain, the formation of false mem-
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such cases I have always found the red blood corpuscles, not simply
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cases hypertrophy may not precede the diseased conditions
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the specimen its microscopic examination was somewhat unsatisfactory.
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sustained a compound dislocation of the ring finger at
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is destroyed, speech is gone ; so long as it is retained, speech remains. This is
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patients may occasionally have independent purely hysterical attacks.
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hernia has developed since the second operation, which will eventu-
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fore menstruation, it seemed to avert the attack. He
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atelectasis, gelatinous infiltration of the tissue of the lungs,
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frequently given nitrite of amy! by inhalation, dose
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site, using for the purpose the material of the ancient Convent. This

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