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cedures, such as ligations or injections of boiling water into the gland.

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in raising an amount sufficient to warrant the immediate erection of the College

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out-door department of the Chambers Street Hospital for treat-

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Spanish, Italians, Scotch, Irish and English, together with the

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Collectively these bills represent a great step toward the improve-

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Max Simon in 1906, are not the only ancient medical

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spinal column as a lever, to restore it." '^By apparatus

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The cedema may come on with remarkable rapidity. The child's face in

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lamented Dr. A.B.Crosby, referred to the necessity of

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cannot avoid the suspicion that I owe my election largely to the

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was lower in 1842-1860; but in 1S6MS66 it was 28.4 per

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alternative medicine apart, in our view, is that it has not

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patient with extensive burns in excruciating agony, with facies hip-

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perineum will look as natural as before it was torn, and the result will

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generally so much the colour of the garment to which they adhere that

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Tir^''*'/''""'"?!,^ candidates, haying passed in Medicine and

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fostered by the fund committee and their officials do

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his following the ordinary precautious laid down in all such cases.

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methods are to be studied with impartiality, they ought to

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3 grains, and the dose commences with i three times a day, in-

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can be made to reach every part of the mternal abscess wall

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insensibility ; and it cannot be denied that occasionally its full administration

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of two cases of re*iex paralysis of accommodation of the

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claims of the advocates of bacterial causes have not been verified and are solely ol

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equally strongly declares that this is one of the very best means

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was not so much enlarged as i)ushe<l inwards by the glandular mass ; bethought

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his every movement from the moment he seizes his scalpel until his operation is

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I am interested in your APPROVED TREE FARM idea for my own future and the future

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convulsions ; one of diphtheria ; four of pyaemia — or 8 per

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brane. An intra-uterine douche follows of bichloride (1 to

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The statistics of operative results in hypernephroma itself are unfortu-

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