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the country, as being of importance not only to this
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3. It may be accidentally acquired from drinking water from
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anthropologist? Successful physicians have filled all
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lesions of the meatus had all the advantages that Dr. Greenough
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cise is the sole remedy, but we do claim that it is
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likely the source is in the antrum. A smail amount of
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itself an important pathological condition, and predisposes probably to
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after the operation ; the toilet of the peritoneum required
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OiiiliilU'. 'I 'lie wounds eo 111 plot tl\ broke don 11 .ilid i;.ipi.d in the reiii.iiniiit;
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the prospect of subsequent pregnancy after the preservation of a por-
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the Etesian winds, which, as has been stated, promote the serenity of the sky
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eleven days, one out of six inoculations gave a positive
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M. Dieulafoy concludes from his observations that Saul had at first tran-
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this is in harmony mth the anatomical fact that in adults the meningeal
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of heat. Febrile movement follows, accomjianied generally by more or less
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of opinion between the two medical factions as to the nature of the
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dilatation of the female urethra with extraction is behind the age.
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for as long a period as it is unattended by discomfort, repeating the measure
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130,000 physicians in the United States who need to be brought
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hurts him; he stops it; the stomach is ill-nourished and
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and physical, must be insisted upon, and the patient
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oil on enterre les chevaux ou des ecuries infect^es est dangereuse.
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the gauze being without the anus. A large pad of antiseptic absorbent
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vered by their own particular circumstances. None of them are
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tals, whose various exterior deceives us. Proceeding from this idea he
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is recorded only in documents; no documents, no history." If the life
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11. Grondahi: Deutsch. Ztschr. f. Chir., 1911, cxi, 56.
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and sixty - seven grains of stone, and one hundred and
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separate them he broke through into the rectum, and finally, giving up
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borne in mind, are measurably due to the tuberculous affections of the
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was carefully nursed by watchful little friends and made
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some cases it has been reported albuminous, in others no tests can
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in another profession, to which Cowper once alluded, that we find
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pecially as regarded the essentially constitutional nature of ca-
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tive powers are increased by the addition of bitter tonics.
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while, or if the shortness of breath have arisen after whooping^x^ugh,
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modified type. Restraint of movement favors encapsula-
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Dh. AurniiR Jamieson in the "Practitioner" reports the
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