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reserved for a subsequent paper. A large male dog was chloro-
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tive one for the relief of pyloric obstruction in these cases, for the
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improvement will, in favorable cases, begin to sjww itself witkin twenty or
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selected for the special essays on selected topics were present.
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neck, and shoulders were then encased in a plaster-of- Paris mould, where
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(8) If the medical profession does not organize as a working body,
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and glucose, will suffice. Coffee may be added if shock is present. For
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color, and increased in quantity. There was yet no bad odor to the secretion.
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of the symptoms now disappear but slowly, which is to be explained on the
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was to be found. During the examination I was struck by his inability
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of the ear and the deafness. Finally, a fresh attack of pain was experienced
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these experiments were unexpected. It was found to be exceedingly difficult
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largest of these quantities sometimes caused a slight and transient nausea.
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liquid and semisolid food, including milk, cereals, puddings, crackers
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tion. It is necessary, in his opinion, to use sounds of a special form (which
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to almost three times their normal size; the tongue was already so
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once the questionnaire received or by writing to the Medical Sec-
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miliary tuberculosis, which, for reasons afterward to be given, seems to
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reappear. In some instances the subjective noises and the deafness increase
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lung tissue and foul smelling pus were evacuated. There was no
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tenotomy is properly performed. There is, however, one objection, and
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oftener affected by it than they do, were the disease so contagious. That
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ciated when we undertake the study of an obscure bone case such as
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surgically. Their cure can be accomplished not only by arresting the blood
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victs frequently, distributed the drug to victims of the drug
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tions of the peritoneum to the appendix, says : " We have here
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Admitted to the Brooklyn Hospital Jan. 7th, 1919. By the am-
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the salicylic acid reaction which characterizes an actual motor insufficiency
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coloring matter, and, therefore, to be distinguished from ansemia, in
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my care for more than a short time. The first impression of the
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drugs. The majority of the witnesses testified that no physical
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phobia, or a difficulty in remembering words, or irritability, or some
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through the tube. Dr. Thomson said that there had been no repe-
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over the dam as of old, and the cricket's sharp chirp finds its
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Historical. The occasional existence of papillae in the human
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the subject. Most of us have seen instances where the more
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keen air blowing round the icy dome of one of the higher Alps is so
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although it be partial only, there are no signs of improvement within a
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proctitis resulting in loss of substance, supervening from the
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albumen and abundant uric acid crystals and concretions. No casts
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over a period of two years. The law was changed after the
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previously. The wound healed by suppuration ; cicatricial stenosis recurred ;
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Injections of alcohol into the superior laryngeal nerve often give
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quently, and in the majority of cases it is recorded as being secondary
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