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school life. Five had acquired syphilis. A thirteen

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Whoever ansivers one of these questions in the manner

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of the poor to the health officers of the State, This

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imal orifice of the ureter was very conspicuous, and was found on the

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tion of the vaccine treatment to tuberculosis of the

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had but very rarely any abnormal condition of the urine

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zontally, it will pass beneath the superior maxillary

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consideration not only the facts of human and allied pathology, but

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been possible, and these have made the matter but little clearer. In the

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cers serving in the Medical Corps of the United States

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was omitted. The strophanthus was reduced to three drops, and the

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presence or absence of pain, peristalsis, distention,

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subject of the present address, for several reasons:

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off to the nearest river, where he effectively, and

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ity that such acts will soon be general, and the fact

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sale. The health commissioner is to maintain a labora-

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Wetmore, W. O., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted five

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amination, and two withdrew after taking a part of it.

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important- sign and probably indicates that cancer is

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tion of the gastric mucosa the sensory fibres of the

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other organs, allow exudation and transudation into

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plicants must iiave been graduated from a reputable medi-

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Franks. — In Baltimore, on Saturday, August 6th, Dr.

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serious cases, but such cases will be very rare ex-

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mata, etc. ; thirty-five of constitutional mental de-

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'2. Holmes, A. Mansfield. The Diagnosis of Tubercu-

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only after a combination of methods — careful his-

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has been carried off by an English competitor. Dr. Thom-

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peritonitis before admission to the hospital, there were

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past four months, with diarrhoea and pains in the stomach.

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poisoning may ensue, which does not when the two drugs are combined, as

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