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tlicy ni »y Ijl* roduci'd to one half tlicir ori^^inal size
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tions can be obtained, will enable a medical witness to identify this vegetable
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operative ones. Why should not the regular profession,
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contraction following end-to-end anastomosis is usually due
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tex in only one being incised, in that instance incisions
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Curry, Walker, 21 E. 61st St., New York, New York Co. Original.
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usually cause this annoying symptom entirely to disappear within
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cases. In tuberculosis meningitis we have the same as-
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a maximum at 28 ; i. e. double the former values, and this
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identical bacillus which Plotz reported as the etiological
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likeness ; and that we must carefully distinguish between the
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limit is applied in correction of each man's work. Now
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bad again been regular monthly for the three months previous to admission.
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cept that the arrest of circulation was not so sudden.
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and is the only one deserving our attention, almost to the
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great danger. I think I have seen sudden death from heart paralysis
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this period of time the best schools in this country
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The general syndromes presented by cachectics show many sim-
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chaired by the professional who is designated at the referral
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for as the hollow viscera are constantly changing their dimen-
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cytologic diagnosis. Only then will the risk of a normal mam-
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the medical periodicals of the day pass volume after volume without
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pair. lie then injected nitrate of silver into the knee
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Twenty years ago goats were allowed to graze on certain portions
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which constitutes /„ of commercial oil of winter-green. After the
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dates undergoing the ordeal will have to submit to a rird voce
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plains much of constipation or of having frequent small dis-
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Dr. I. W. Faison : I want to say in regard to the meeting, you realize
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A ruptured amniotic sac was found containing chorionic
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days, when gradually the diet was- increased by the addition of
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