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which had contributed toward it. After the ceremony in
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(measured in volts) and the volume of current flowing,
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markable case the patient had inserted the stone into
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3. Transactions of the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Medical Society of the State
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to congestion of the pelvic organs — certainly a poor
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The true diagnosis was not even considered at this time.
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asserted. The alkalinity of the blood is not always diminished; it may
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strange and superstitious notions as to the state of
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grouped a variety of conditions but little understood and which have perhaps
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the posterior surface of the radius and readjusts it to its
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tion. or i»onio new synthetic product with which he expects to victimize
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attendant upon the cruritis or phlegmasia dolens of lying-in
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erior wall of the osseous canal and extended by a conical point
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parts for from ten to twenty minutes in either cold or hot water. The
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on the other eye. She can now see well 5 provincial celebrity had positively denied
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commonly it occurs as a complication of other infectious diseases, as enteric
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most distinguished ocuhsts in the Unned Stales. The
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tion of Cruelty to Animals, and that this bill is intended
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the loco mainly because it was green and fresh and did not at any
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part of the wound ; proud flesh at the inferior ; same discharge
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link in a chain, — a link to be used over and over
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5,000 patients. Among the more common adverse events in domestic
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our author, as appears from various passages in his
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dicted. Bathing and passive exercise are beneficial.
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and Guide to Health, Dr. Robinson's Lectures on the
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lington^ Yt. By Benjamin Howaed, M. D., Professor of
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This injection is useful in the majority of cases of inoperable local
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from cancerous infiltration, it should be the mode of election.
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salts of bismuth, nitrate of silver, etc. The most reli-
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Gottlieb, J. Adelphi, 304 W. 104th St., New York, New York Co.
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New York Academy of Medicine, transactions of the, 24, 33,
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motion. He thought Dr. Ball should make an attempt to find
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The treatment is altogether unsatisfactory and unsuccessful. In
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amount of pyrexia. Grenerally there is a certain amount of pain —

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