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emulsion; B. F., Deny's bouillon filtre. For full discussion see Hamman and Wol-

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of. One knew well tlie great ilillicully of tracing hosjutal patients, hut at that

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throuo-h the nose. For some months patient has had to

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With the exception of those instances where traumatism has estab-

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the same in military as in civil communities. In a valuable

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The oral LDgo's in mice and rats range from 415 to 740 mg/kg and

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not relieved, then I felt that I must seek some other I was surprised at the above result, as I expected it

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Institution show an average of one case of erysipelas in every five hun-

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usual degree of exertion. Digitalis, under such circum-

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ounces) of castor- oil. In all cases so treated the active

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skin was so exquisitely tender, that she could not bear the

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hardlv possible that it could have been mistaken by the

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nent cure. In no other similar affection — stricture of

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catanh. This explains why, in stricture of the pylorus, the symptoms

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be understood. On admission there was still some difficulty of

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mikroskopischen Scbnitten uiid eiue neue Untersucliungs-

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early cases that cannot be cured. Seventy-six per cent of the

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dium, otherwise normal. The walls of the stomach were greatly thickened

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cases in infants there is usually profuse external otorrhoea. Note also the intact

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explained away, where, then, is the sense of observa-

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Attempts have also been made to identify biochemical

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Slept very ill, and continues the same ;( s yesterday. Pulse 120, full. R 01. Pacini

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system. They are doubly refracting, like Bottcher's crystals, but, unlike the

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ascribed to imperfect vital energy, a lower degree of the energy of life that

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children whose lar^nges were extensively filled. Those growths may also

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Blood examination, October 12, showed hemoglobin 91 per cent., red cells

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liver and spleen showed a great many anthrax bacilli, and

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1959. Gerson, Irvin M., Cedarbrook Apts., Cedarbrook Hills, Wyncote, Pa. (19095)

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etbvl nitrate and ethylidene bichloride." Med. Times,

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the bismuth ; to take five grains of opiate pill each night.

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numerous experiments, and the practice of a large number of physicians

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juice that it presents a " coffee-ground " appearance ; presence

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ticularly as to paroxysmal pains in the abdomen, the

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which antedates that of the papiluTe.""' '" It is estimated that upon a

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tient, the absence of generalized tuberculosis, and the

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mal lethal doses of a pure poison. By a "pure" poison is understood

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