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sterile human ascitic fluid of a hydrogen ion concentration of 7.8 to

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not believe in the so-called "dry treatment" of suppurative

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are the drugs which are of the greatest value ; codliver-oil

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to discontinue all occupation. If not busy objectively he will be

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The tendency to diarrhea should be remembered, so strong purga-

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that no single test is specific, and that the estimation of hepatic insufficiency

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author has declared the test a specific test any physician

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program at the Henry Ford Hospital System in Detroit,

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describing this symptom he discusses the treatment and advises incision through

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drinks, given often and in small quantities; (2.) Absolute rest of

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down on its side, and every intervening stage is seen in a process

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and astonishing fact," says the Lancet, " that during the

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I am pleased to inform you that the annual assessment has been responded to fairly

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passed upon the unfortunate after a due trial by a jury

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ter glides forward beneath the articular surface of the radius until it is

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in the noncommissioned oflicer or send for the surgeon? Shall he

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was only discovered by Fauvel, with whom began the real clinical history

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is to be the organ of the recently formed Obstetrical and

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may be taken ; if, after a day or two's perseverance with one of

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which delirious persons, or patients with delirium tremens, having been

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fracture. Times & Reg., Phila , 1894, xxvii, 391. —

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treatment embraces regulation of diet and measures to render digestion

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disappear, but the writer had found such advice was the exception. At first many

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words: "I can feel the chicken-pox, measles, and all

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diphtheria. In all tbe^e diseases tbev& is tttsuatHy a purpMtsh hxi»

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It was remarkable, and I became convinced that if there was any

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Mil tUc&rzuLm. , and trn. 'ni tall fa Ctu (ba/uir cr Jptaca/u

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Assistive Listening Devices • Electronystagmography • ABR

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Inasmuch as the functional result, now very generally aimed at by sur-

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projjosed amendments to the constitution, the follow-

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expected of it. And after all very little more can be

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sent a short paper based upon a case in my own practice

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