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from any one who practised without complying with the pro-

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peared in itself to be of no importance. I, however, proposed to him,

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rectum, or both, may be affected ; usually at first there is some difficulty

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make oat the character or tendency of a fracture, requires m

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to married women and maidens, etc. And in 1631 a physi-

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of broncho - pneumonia, etc., without rickets, and failed to find these

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upon the intelligence of the individual later in life, whereas changes

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(A.-M.-F-.J.) [in\. s.J. Elose histoiique de M. Eouicroy.

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Bcarcely two acres of pasture land. One of these three patients,

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Dr. Harberer, one of the dispensary assistants, was called to the man

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curability. Brit. M. J., Lond.. 1884, i, 99. — Tsnker.

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tion to these solution.^ of iron is that they form heavy, nasty,

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coccus aureus will outgrow diphtheria germs, and apparently diphtlieria

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medicines by which it is to be discussed are mentioned above.

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will, doubtless, at once present itself to his readers.

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applications ; hermetical sealing up of wounds in the region of the

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either operation ; its jet stopped witho.U a ligature ; the little venous hemor-

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Owned, Published and Copyrighted, © 1993 by the Connecticut State Medical Society

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show its practicability, others must adopt it and show the world the re-

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effects, according to their intensity, their site, the amount of haemorrhage

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slight hemiplegia ; if it is of large size, it invades the neighbouring parts, or at least it

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for the internal lobules; for the bronchi terminate at all distances, and

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differentiate the relative changes in the various histologic elements of

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Since that time we have had some great advances in our

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tirely unconscious until 9 o'clock the following morning,

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of not doing harm if it fail to do the good which we expect from it. The

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base, a portion of which separates if the solution is heated to

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May 31, 1906. She had been conscious of the existence of an abdominal

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soluble salt. This orthoform hydrochlorate is not suitable, how-

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Lines, in Green of Solar Spectrum, on larger scale (Dr. Letheby),

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3 6/7 deaths, so that it can not possibly be maintained

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termination, these being revealed only by careful and

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1897. Camebon, Ewan Gobdon, M.B.C.S., 64, Great Portland-street, W.

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portion of the organs examined, which was insoluble in water or

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