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capacity of the tissues, then the haemoglobin, little

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disease of the pancreas and duodenum, with these fatty profluvia,

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tube, covering the surface and penetrating all the tunics

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measures, to which, however, the patient often objects ; either from

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an equilibrium, it contains about 93 per cent, of the bicarbonate and about

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patient. According to Biibuer, a man consumes the following

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diagnosis, and while in some respects unusual, viz., in

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the labor of one man, and he attended to his immense banking business besides ;

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410 Parkview Medical Office Building Phone: 664-6334

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than is obtained from a tube with condensing lenses of

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changes occurring in an injured living structure. Now, if the

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tritis, enteritis, colitis and proctitis are the foundations for gastric and

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Under certain conditions it has been noted that the time of the reac-

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solution No. 1 imtil of a uniform gray color. Then wash well and

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intervening obstacles to secure good drainage through the

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v., ami cxix. (par. 12) to vol. vi. (statement of Dr. J. M. Ross).

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finds nothing to confirm the assumption that measles can be transfermi by

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preference of cholera for those localities in which the conditions

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far in the rear. At this point a full equipment ami

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generation of considerate heat. It is also exhaled as alcohol, partidly

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should be permitted from three to five minutes before remov-

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formerly known as ice cream under a new name, either in price or quality, and

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^No lU-Ure'sDictionaryo Che>n^try Pa..X^^^ ^j ,j^^ S „^h

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an injury of grave character, for example, has caused collapse

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proprietary preparations are stronger, and contain 12

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T-w T m XT- J. f\ i { 1st Assistant Examiner to Examiner on Medicine,

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Naturally, the disease is transmitted by the tick, no

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U. S. Weather BurMu, San Diego; Hugh D. Vail, Santa Barbara; A. Ashenberger,U. S. Weather

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which the scrotum is covered with small blebs containing a chylous

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health — Mr. Chadwick's investigations — No notable diminution of fever in Ireland

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