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periosteum, and therefore the changes in the gum itself are really secondary.
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which depends on the situation of the placenta hnppen-
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permitted to read it, it might have been made much fuller
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23(j, and organized by appointing his honor the Mayor
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of this Society. Formerly one of its Councillors, for the
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Submucous Resection of the Nasal Septum — H. W. Carter, M. D 178
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ing, with the conditions which now attend his etherization, he will then be
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than in the open country. 41 What is the reason of this difference ?
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at its very top, so that to get at its flowers the above
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This Uiploma shall be conferred only on Graduates in Medicine
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recovered the use of his tongue in about three weeks, but not com-
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the body. In such cases the condition may be regarded as an exaggera-
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blades had been getting much worse, until in August,
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clusion at which we arrived. [Tie extract was read.] This
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joint, or partially through the sinuses, and produce severe inflammation
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undying splendours of Greece and Rome, being fixed upon an immu-
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"a proliferation of the glandular elements and increase of oxyntic or
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that he advocated more nxoderate bleedings, reports 37 deaths ii^ 232 cases occurring in
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of opium. They seemed to thoroughly clear the stomach
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much as meningitis at the base is not necessarily tuberculous. An old name
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manently embarrassed, the condition of brown induration
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woman forty-five years of age. The first appearance
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periods not far removed from each other. The opinion held by some that
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inoculated with human expectorations, brought up by cough-
lioresal (baclofen)

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