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In addition to this, the various urgent symptoms have been met
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in the groins, and meanwhile invade the lungs with lymphoid growths,
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along the lower border of the growth." Microscopically Mr.
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csemia ; as soon as the jjercentage of sugar in the arterial blood ex-
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traits unnoticed by others. Dr. Ord concluded a feeling
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pitals, besides having to submit tlieir schemes to the chance
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stationary condition and duration of the disease. It agreed
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holds a life appointment should not be as fully entitled to com-
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10, 8 walked through the streets to the out-patient depart-
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medical officer shall be deemed necessary for the more convenient supply
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made to administer r to 2 gallons of normal saline by Kemp's rectal
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Spasm of the Muscles of the Larynx. — In this the adductor muscles
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benches ranged 2 feet apart, or portion of the floor, I was un-
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for himself a name and position that few men of his age have
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ear, and are to be treated by incision into the tympanimi. Vertigo
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Honfieuras long ago as last July, and it is probable that the
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our disposal for the prevention, control, and cure of disease,
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the distress of the patient. This rhinorrhea may remain infective for
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tion of such injurious materials into the blood, as it certainly would
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is carried. There are arrangements for the supply of fresh
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tion. A small tube containing a grain of sterilised cocaine
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eruption is accompanied by considerable swelling of the skin extending
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pyema, the bacillus being found in pure culture in the purulent collec-
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The anatomic changes accompanying pneumonia may be divided
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development of a diphtheric membrane may be found on the tx)nsils,
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a less extent the feet and toes, are abnormally large and unshapely,
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which is improper in quality or in quantity. It begins, therefore, with
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cases and in those referred to here that it is an important aid
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E. Richmond, Manchester ; Mr. F. F. Raven, Broadstairs. (S) Mr. R.
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voirs is limited. It is estimated that about 300 grams of glycogen
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selves, or in the subcortical distribution of the association fibers.
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Gland, in conjunction with the Section of Pathology.

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