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A cancerous growth, that i< superficial, can be effectually cured by

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respective number reported during the previous week. Measles,

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attention to it, and it is often called " Charcot's joint disease," also " tabetic

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condition. The respiration is labored and attended with a short

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moelle, la fonction glycogenique non soulement n'est pas interrompue dans le

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servers have proved to be not uncommon in the pneumonias of

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attacks. After a momentary improvement, the fever increases and other

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Reciprocal relations are entered into with other states in

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Case 32. โ€” Patient. โ€” Y., white woman, aged 58. Medical No. 23633.

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experience of bygone ages, except cinchona and purgatives,

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Repr. frum: Atti e mem. r. Accad. di sc., lett. ed arti

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syphilis where mercury has not been employed, is the result of deterio-

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and our own Professor Montgomery. ยง The hand thus facilitating

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but the record by careful ])ractitioners of the means that

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tion of opium. Having tried the acetate and sulphate of morphia and

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โ€” Stephen Smith, one week earlier. In both lateral move-

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year after the tanks were dug, and found that the place had become

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processes at about the height from the third to the

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is that after their disappearance as fixed elements in the blood the

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24 hours it had been so severe that the patient was unable to

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all probability a little behind where the linger rests, a fact which can

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