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Dr. Lyman said that these effects were obviated by adding atropine in the
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print. Also: Gaz. ni6d.de Strasb.. 1889, xlviii. 49; 61;
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remaining case, a mass of internal acute inflammation had run
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verrucose type of the disease. Massaging of the limb in
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main the diagnosis between the two diseases will not be difficult.
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ence of an extensor response earlier than this, are certain
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was not fulfilled tlie degree of bachelor of mediciue
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St.vtistics of Cakcer. — Mr. Moore has the pleasure to acknow-
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scarlatina, will apply with equal force to syphilis. Now when this morbid
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is found in the Accadio-Snmerian, Dibbara, the leader
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bationer nurse's power to profit by ward training is greatly increased.
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be considered as the species of suppuration proper to serous
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the internal urethrotomy. During the last two and a half
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to explore new fields and to win new triumphs in the department
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This peculiar lameness is not always due to rupture of the
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nature of the disease to draw in or involve adjacent parts. The Scotch call it the
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ment of youth, and by an unfortunate habit to which women, more than
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catheter roughens, and at no time can anyone absolutely
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the ciliary region and slightly wounded by a flying particle of iron.
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the spasm is broken up, the patient must continue to
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these researches would enable man to extirpate some or
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daily using : Chloral, chlorodyne, ether, chloroform (less
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but it has been largely produced by certain institutional means
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you rose above the filthy smells. For half a mile out the inner
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seems surprising that the mistake should be made, but if you will
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taining to measles a no less striking feature of scarlatina. Similar
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corrosive sublimate, etc. In his hands Dr. Goodell's colic mix-
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fold : [a) that they be observed, and, in order that this may be
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The urine decreases in quantity with the second week, but toward the
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Number of this Journal for July, 1 873. By Frederic D. Lente, M.D.,
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is a very dangerous experiment. I once sprained my metatarsus, but as the
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The muscular coat of the bladder may become paralyzed
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Present condition. — Badly nourished. No oedema, arteries
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temperature ggyi^y and who had worked that day. I found a little

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