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cubic feet of space, and five pounds will generate approximately 5

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Transactions of the Colorado State Medical Society. June, 1883.

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diminish the toxicity of the poison as much as possible, and to do

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tails of twenty successive generations of long-tailed mice — cut them off

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his every movement from the moment he seizes his scalpel until his operation is

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they commonly involve one side of the cord, or some other limited portion

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which are both obvious and curable, or in certain habits and

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In order to arrive at a knowledge of the pathological efiects

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with one or two other men in well established prac-

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must have been obviously twice used with great force through the same deep

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cine on the old footing it had in King's College in the days of the

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mity is obvious though slight. The questions that arise as

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cities of Washington and Georgetown, in the District of Columbia,

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recovery of the patient ; but, bearing in mind that

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symptoms of chronic glaucoma, with increased tension

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be fixed parallel with the horizontal diameter of the

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is, the color in each instance would be the same at the same stage of

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week the wound was found tilled with exuberant granulation, and a few days

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statistics of any disease may be seen at a glance instead of

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and when they are observed, they are not unfrequeutiy

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James Thomas Horsfield, who died at the age of sixty, was

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learn to choose the remedy in accordance, not with a rule,,

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fluid, introduced after each washing. Boric acid (10 or 15 grains),

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gallbladder is generally located. I think this woman would have

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suffer very great i)ain. There is always a greater or

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Cucumber Pomatum, for softening and cooling the skin. Cla-

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and twenty-five days, the average being perhaps seventeen to twenty-one

nizoral oral for ringworm

Though a complaint of frequent occurrence, I cannot recollect

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Spinal Therapeutics. By Irving J. Eales. „ • . r> ■ j

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was signed into law. Every physician in Connecticut

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was also divided. Upon the front aspect of the anterior tibial

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