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, lysician to teach/practicc in new and growing medical

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occurred at about the same interval of time after inoculation as other

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cleaned, and a piece of lint introduced into the vagina, to absorb the discharge

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sexes are affected with equal frequency. During an epidemic, not all

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mental branches of medical and other cognate sciences shall

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It would be interesting to write out in detail — if material could be

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paratively recent manifestation of malniia. Tr. M. Soc

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happy child, full of pretty activity and impelled by the

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Mr. Syme. His objections appear to bo founded upon tlie

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stimulants is also necessary. If swallowing becomes very difficult and

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was good.; but, on the 6th, the passenger from Santander

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relief. I think by continuing its use will effect a cure. My age is sixty-five years, not

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repose. It would seem to be the non-nitrogenous material of the

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They have shown that the bite alone of an infected louse is innocuous and also that

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of the natural bactericidal power of our blood-cells. To under-

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tolytic molecules are distinguished from the histo-

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temperature chart. Even slight rise of the minimum temperature is to

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imx)ortant part. But that which stands first in urticaria and gives it

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tion concerning it. The experience of the writer, however, has

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site side, with or without affection of sensation, according as the lesion

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but, as the application of splints, bandages, etc., is already

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cided opinion. The Army Medical Board, at the head of

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exophthalmic goiter with marked cardiorenal changes. The heart

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supposed to surround the stomach, as a fire surrounds a large

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according to the measure of the advance of his knowledge and

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demanded by the spirit of the age, consistent with the exalted

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The appetite in dyspeptic patients is very variable. In some cases it

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