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Case i (clinical clerk, Mr. W. J. Harris).— D. D., aged 22, admitted info

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entitled to greater praise than the appointment by the Plome

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before Glisson's, was written from information gained fi-om

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is promoted to be Surgeon-Colonel from March 1st He entered the service

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these microbes do not live in the blood or tissues of the

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after washing, it resembled sultana raisins, but the colour

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of New Aberdeen as if it had been in another county instead

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and posterior tibials were patent ; the heart and kidneys were

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6th. Brigade-Surpeon-Lieutenant-C'olonel O'Reilly was appointed Assist-

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This was discovered by micro-chemical investigation ; and the

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food contains about twice as much soluble carbohydrates as

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these reasons, and also because this interval affords an oppor-

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