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Niger, and the Zambesi, and recently a few cases have occurred also in

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extracted, a sufficient amount must first be expelled before the canal

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guarded against, especially in the fever accompanying affec-

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appearance. There may be pulvilli, and an empodium between the

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defect of the pericardium, including the classical one

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fulness has been proven, but I use I ho word "thresh-

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in the cancerous goitre secretion sometimes continues. Remittent fever is

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1898 a.— Description of a new parasitic isopod of the genus Aega from the south-

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the consequent dangers of extensive lesion ensue. The more con-

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it was understood that the Registrar-General had entertained. As I know

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institution, some from great distances, to be relieved or cured, and a

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case, or in making a careful differential diagnosis. But, as a rule, the

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natural instincts ; the same causes which originate one being

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part of the corium, and approaching very near to the epidermis,

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every cicatricial tissue and in instances of normal

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Let the whey cool until it will not scald, then stir in the flour,

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hydatique de I'extremite inf6rieure du fenuir. Bull. Soc.

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no temperature, but if the associated septic process is marked a somewhat

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misspelled, poorly-paragraphed, ungrammatical article


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made much clearer by the researches of Ohmann Dumesnil and Bowen

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being almost normal. jurious. When it comes to rectal douches,

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1844 ; the last note was dated April 2nd, 1845, at which

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nation to the head (which it was excited to by severe think-

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another of the sufferers, and they alike failed. The latter

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mations of the cellular tissue entering into the composition oi those

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production and distribution of alcoholic drinks, out of excessive

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same wall with the windows. Movable blackboards are better

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of tubercles. Any one of these difficulties is enough to excite the ima-

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pulse. It is fair to say that the investigations of sphygmographic

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