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what in the activity of its poison in different localities.

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having committed that offence — he referred to the abstraction

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The pains of railroad spine are twofold : those of general

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up, it being well known that infection is most easily communica-

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time. The left leg now drags, and he cannot walk (with his stick)

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we speak of dilated stomach we ordinarily think of determining it by meas-

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under these conditions. Moreover, there are apparenth' no

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only on the systematic discovery and following up of cases of

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I„iiiilicl.i Oinicron ( r.iiiiiii;i ; (i;i .troKntcrolouicil

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likely to confuse our notions by over-refinement. So I will only

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which produced tuberculin effects, while others have demonstrated

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not believe in the so-called "dry treatment" of suppurative

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undoubtedly present, it must be evident that many of the contradic-

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insisting on a thorough Mcdiciil education of candidates and

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and the ear canal. For this purpose I am in the habit of swabbing

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ends obtained. It was by observation and experiment^

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condition of the patient being satisfactory, he was

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not infrequently takes place, as already stated. Tiie operation

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de med., chir. et pharmacol., Brux., 1804, .581-583. —

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quantity taken, as shown by the patient before her mind

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hausted the patient and induced emaciation. Great loss

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broke m two places— at the junction of the middle and upper

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water, or hot tea, as you desire, and keep exercising (tenfold better if in the open

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read by Dr. Harvey Gushing before this body a few years ago, could

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arteries on section show no pathological changes in any of their coats.

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Tuberculous pericarditis usually takes its origin in the formation of

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acter of the obstruction. It may be necessary to break down and remove

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condition in the absence of hallucinations, delusions or

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some indication of disease for which the surgery was to be undertaken.

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The stomach and duodenum had not shared in the inflammatory

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the right. A small quantity of viscid fluid of a reddish hue

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gall-stones in a case of chronic cholecystitis can scarcely be postulated

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