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results, being seldom followed by inflammation if proper
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Humane Societies, we would quote from the only Annual Re-
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oil, there was more or less loss of weight. Without refer-
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dose of 1,000,000,000. Injections were given once a week and increased
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the fluoride of lime is likely to constitute a useful medicament.
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its success is in a high degree encouraging. It is adapted to
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Wells made another opening into this space, evacuated ten
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paralysis with any assurance of success. Meanwhile the public
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he M'ould leave a tent in the lower end of the incision, which
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When using cocaine the fact that alarming symptoms may
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is usually to continue the exhibition of the remedy by the mouth
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a consequence of the tubal catarrh, as has been frequently
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% XoTE BY THE Editor. — We havc not had an opportunity of testing
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discharge. In too frequent nocturnal emissions its influence is
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specially indicates a doctor of laws, of divinity, of
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eruption which I shall call spontaneous, is sometimes sim-
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proper to the animal, which under the influence of excite-
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lambs, a spoonful of Castor Oil is generally sufficient to
abbreviation for management
abbreviation for million
abbreviation for tablespoon
but little good until these remedies were brought into use. The
abbreviation for example
and some of the early Eclectics, but it is now seldom employed.
abbreviation for tablespoon cup
apparent cause, where there is increasing debility, collinsonia
abbreviation for missouri state university
cause one to read his books with more care, and recall his ex-
postal abbreviation for missouri
abbreviation for the month of september
Agnew, J. Hutchinson, H. W. Noyus, A. S. Loomis, B. F. Parker, T. G. Thomas, Chas.
abbreviation for example in english
abbreviation for international units
abbreviation for internationally
drug in solution, to the same amount of the third decimal tritura-
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abbreviation for million years
liness, vicious habits, protracted watching, &c., proceeds
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abbreviation for million square feet
artery, those for the parotid come from the plexus surrounding
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tissue without the kidney fragment. It is best to prepare two sets
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left intercostal space, but in the second right space in the direction
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I believe there are no exceptions, if a proper diagnosis is made,
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reviance meaning
enough in itself, since such results are sometimes inevita-
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priate general remedies will establish secretion. And on the con-
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100°. In morbus coxarius, white swelling, etc., increase of tem-
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surface cold and clammy, or bathed in a cold sweat." A distress-

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