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disease of the blood and ductless glands. The affec-

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tion prevails, in which it is difficult to apportion the relative responsibility between

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stage of sympathetic ophthalmitis. For our views in

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not get rid of; there was something so very uncanny

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on account of his complaining of degrees in medicine being given

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bana ni6d., 189.1, ii, 58.— Elting (A. \V.) Ueber Malaria

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** They (pessaries) are always harborers of dirt, and al-

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health. About ten to eleven months before I saw him he

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lutf €*t Cam parrd Ib'ofiA t • d ft >//u n ( L ' d

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the opposite, although some large, well-nourished individuals give the

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then, in case of failure, the (question of removal might be raised.

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Causation. — The causes of lardaceous degeneration of the kidney are

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(i.) Whilst awaiting trial, (ii.) On arraignment, (iii.) When found guilty

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filled with a cheesy, greasy, or calcified mass. When the renal pelvis

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and antiseptic ; now we may treat this in three ways ; by medi-

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because they contain no air, and exude but little blood on section.

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incubation period of disease to be the same, whether its

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* A remarkable case of the kind obtained some notoriety about thirty years ago by

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of some individuals, girls between ten and fifteen years old. I will here

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from a mesoblast source, and such a source is to be found in the

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sular attachments torn off. The functional result was good.

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Acute endocarditis may, hereafter, turn out to be of still

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of a year no effect is obtained in a muscle from massage, bathing, and

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as a household companion. When a professional writer is

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taxed. According to Oertel, no system is more valuable at times in pro-

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at the base of the heart. The pain sometimes appears to strike through

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'Grab-field, G. P.: Variation in the Senaory Threshold for

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manner: After separating the adhesions until the upper lid

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most important points in the attempt to obtain primary union

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on the left side of the belly ; this rapidly increased, and the

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gous manner. (See p. 148.) In nephritis (Fig. 69) the rise is steep and

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