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the pleura and in promoting the decomposition of the remain-
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any want of faith in the efficiency of this remedy in puerperal
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rence of the bleeding in spite of the prolonged and thorough
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employed to furnish evidence of blood-stains, and it
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of movements, it is evident that complete excision of the scapula
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Phrenology has always claimed a peculiar connection between the cere-
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in the middle of the day is advisable. Woollen or wool and silk gar-
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admission as a Member. 6. A Candidate having entered his
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termine the ratio of the specific heat at constant pressure to
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and into the areolar tissue, they constitute dropsies. Occurring upon
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numerously signed by Medical men in different parts of Eng-
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face, but which had long disappeared, yet we thought it neces-
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Calculi in the gall-bladder. From a preparation in Dr. E.
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submitted which require careful study and patient inves-
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and of which the same use might be made. In the first case, the
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is rare. Carcinom,a of the spleen is secondary and uncommon in occur-
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System, at fearful and distressing distances, and are incompetent to
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Because of the situation of the ulcer exactly at the lesser curva-
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6. First Posterior cell, between Radius 4+ 5 and Media.
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C.VMPREi.L. .Tno., Lieut. -Colonel and Surgeon. An-
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Examinations for state certificates are held twice a year, and
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able substitute. The water should have a temperature
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back as before. He had experienced no difficulty from want of breath
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pletely paralysed, but no distortion ; slight movement of facial muscles on the right
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speak of the clinical phenomena as symptoms is really to reduce the disorder
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the New Sydenham Society. They constitute the seventh fascicle, and
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of age. This old gentleman, I apprehend-, would have been a likely subject
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out of a department of medicine, where every person
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the symptomatic disturbances of anaemia are those of the nervous
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nessed, light or dark, in a certain number of seconds ! Mortality
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Discussion. There is still an added interest to this case: the

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