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medulla oblongata in frequent instances. The minute blood vessels are widely

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nerve trunks have remained approximately normal. The latter have therefore

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only symptom, of severe organic disease, especially affections of the ribs; dis-

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thenia, the more the conviction is forced upon us here, just as in hysteria, that

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(page 421). — K.] We sometimes see decided improvement from this; but

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that in many cases of large cerebral hemorrhage there are miliary aneurisms

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graduation? The majority of the continental universities do not

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haps in part from the periosteum and the fascia? also. All these symptoms —

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Besides electricity, we prescribe embrocations, such as spirit of camphor,

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in the several subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, Practical Physiology,

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latter are : — ^Latin — ^translation and parsing — Csesar, book L ; Yirgil's

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Finally, we would briefly refer to the fact that under certain conditions

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times been found absent in cerebellar disease. This symptom also is probably

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headache, easily induced fatigue, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, inertia, and

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of Diagnosis in Pathological Anatomy." Collateral reading — Comil

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A short time after the legs are attacked the arms also begin to be paretic.

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ably. Only a few patients survive the fifth year, although now and then strik-

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ance is ordinarily characterized by the two symptoms of " abnormal irrita-

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and the usual subjects of medical education. There are annual

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paresis of one limb or one side of the body after an attack. Immediately after

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dura and pia, either directly or hy way of a purulent thrombosis of some sinus

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professional pupil; and shonld any snoh candidate present himself and gain

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reaction has changed from positive to negative. Cases of cure or amelioration

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nating on the two legs, etc. ) , and then ask him to tell merely the place where

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of Sv/rgeons of Edinburgh — Fcuyulty of Physicians and Surgeons of

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after the first few months will never improve much. The most we can do will

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— ^The Practice of Medicine in Belgium — University of Gand — ^The

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